Access SW

From Sheridan Road, entrance to Sheridan Woods is by way of an access code, remote entry from your home phone, or a remote control.  The exit gate opens automatically using loop and motion detection.

A four-digit access code preceded by “#” is provided by the Association and is for your family use only.  It will allow 24/7/365 access.  Utilities, the Fire Department, and the Police Department have a means for 24/7 access as well.  Your family’s access code should not be provided to pizza delivery drivers, contractors, or the like.  If you need an access code for a construction crew, perhaps for a week or two, then please contact the Association for a temporary code.  For the safety of you and your neighbors, temporary codes work Monday to Friday and only certain times during those days.

Remote access from your home is simple.  At the control panel display by the front gate, visitors can look-up and then enter a three-digit code associated with your name.  After the visitor enters your code, the system will call your home phone number, using the number you provided to the Association (a number with 321 area code).  If you have caller ID, it will display Cellular 321-361-7960. When you answer, you will temporarily be able to hear and speak to the visitor.  To let the visitor in, press the number 9 on your phone.  The gate will open.  On your phone you will hear the system say “Access granted.”  Then, you can hang-up.

Currently, remote controls for the front gate can be purchased from the Association for approximately $25.  The Association will not honor, program, or install other brands or models of remote controls.  Many vehicles have built-in programmable remote controls.

For the pedestrian gate, gate keys are available from the Association at no charge.